Sun-Moon Lake Black Tea

Sun-Moon Lake Black Tea

item number TT4111074
Sun-Moon Lake Black Tea represents one of TTC’s finest tea products. It was also known as Formosa Black Tea, when it occupied a place as one of the top teas at the London Tea Auctions House in early centuries. At the time it was the best tea gift to high officials and noble lords.

Origin: Sri Lanka,Taiwan

Net Weight: 150g/pack


Delivery Method

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【Product Information】

  • Product NameSun-Moon Lake Black Tea
  • Net Weight150g/pack
  • ContentsBlack Tea
  • OriginSri Lanka,Taiwan
  • Expiry Date2 years (Unopened)
  • PreservationPlease store the product under shade and away from direct sunlight.
  • Best beforeAs shown on the package

【How to brew】

Hot Brew :
Tea leaves quantities : 5g
Water Temperature : 90℃
Water : 120c.c.
Time :
The 1st brew : 60 secs , The 2nd brew : 50 secs , The 3rd brew : 60 secs
※Increasing 10-30 seconds steeping time with each infusion and repeat this process 4-6 times until there is no flavours remaining in the leaves.

Cold Brew :
Place 6g of tea leaves into 600c.c. bottle of water or preferred container and gentle shake few times. Put in refrigerator,steep for 6-8 hours. (Do not steep over 24 hours)

※ Please adjust the steeping time or amount of tea for personal taste preferences.

【Product Info】

Taiwan Tea Corporation (TTC)‧ Retro Aromatic Tea series Inheriting nearly half a century of history, the Formosa Black Tea and the Sun-Moon Lake Black Tea are taken for Taiwan's most typical retro aromatic tea and they are TTC's signature and most selling tea products. Refined by an ancient method, the tea tastes smooth without any astringency. Drinking tea can be helpful in treating depression. The tea can be brewed longer without any bitter flavor. Over the past hundred years, the Taiwan Tea Corporation (TTC) has written the common memories of the people with tea aroma. Taking a sip of tea can attach to the memories of the palate...