Construction Engineering Business

The current operation and management status of the Interior Installation Engineering Department of Taiwan Tea Corporation has maintained good relations with the business owners that have ever work with projects and has the policy of developing new clients with good reputation and liability. In addition, strengthen the construction quality and reduce construction costs to create higher engineering profits. At present, for the company's leisure business operation offices, building renovation or interior decoration works have outsourced for contractors in order to reduce the construction costs.


In recent years, the construction works that are taken by the Internal Engineering Department include decoration works, compartment work, ceiling work, anti-smoke vertical wall work, painting work, flooring work, windowsill Board work, curtain box work, stonework, and so on. The team members are the elites who have been engaged in the industry with professional work performances for up to ten years and consist of interior building decoration engineering Design technician, interior decoration work, and management technician, labor safety management personnel, public work quality control personnel, who provide integrated services including all kinds of different places and buildings, construction works, as well as system installation. Due to the rapid changes in protection technology at this stage, the team has worked with several fire protection building materials companies so as to provide customers with more options in the adaptation of a variety of new buildings as well as more economical and effective solutions. Coupled with the increasing attention paid by the government and the general public in the fire prevention and environmental issues in recent years as well as the increasingly stringent laws and regulations, improving the user quality for customers has become an important responsibility and mission of the team.


The renowned successful projects finished by Taiwan Tea Corporation are Taipei Arena, CPcity, the NKSP (NanKang Software Park) 2nd and 3rd stage. In the future, we will also uphold the professional and mature interior installation engineering management and technology to provide a good quality of interior installation, and actively expand the business of interior installation engineering with the model of cooperation and strategic alliance and the aim to jointly developing the bidding construction works with business owners.

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