The management of Taiwan Tea Corporation has dedicated to the fulfillment of the commitment to the society and stakeholders and respect as well as safeguard the legitimate rights and interests. In addition to using the following communication channels, the individual stakeholder is provided with "The Form of Suggestions and Communication" , which is sent by mail to give suggestions. The company will make the soonest treatment and reply directly.

Subject Mechanism Contact (Complaint) Method
Supplier/ Contractor Supplier/ Contractor

Manager James Cheng  Ext.821
Office of Legal Affairs

Manager Evelyn Chiang   Ext.826
Procurement Division, Management Department

Vice Manager Shi-Hua Lai   Ext.833


Public Affairs Div. Director

Lee Kao  Ext.813
Deputy Spokesperson

Auditing Office Manager

James Cheng  Ext.821
Deputy Spokesperson Finance & Accounting Dept. Manager Eva Huang  Ext.860
Disclosure of Financial and Important Information
Client Customer Service Hotline Customer Service line
Government/Mass Media Public Affairs Office Public Affairs Div. Vice President Alan Kang  Ext.890
Employee Labor-Management Conference (Labor Representative) Janet Wen 08-7708596
Neo Jiang Ext.885
Alex Wu Ext.827
Pei-Wen Hsu Ext.883
Karena Chen Ext.836
Executive Secretary of the Employee Welfare Committee

Engineering Dept. Chih-Hsiang Chou Ext. 890

Guarantee of Gender Equality in Right-to-Work and Approach to Sexual Harassment Claims Administration Div. Director Michelle Wan  Ext. 806