Cancellation and refund policy

  1. According to the consumer protection act, all members who purchase products on the website has the right of hesitation period 7 days after receiving the product. (including holidays)
  2. Hesitation period is not a trial period. In case you are not satisfied with the product upon received, please do not open or use, and the return process should be completed within 7 days. Before returning the product, please first contact the customer service center.
  3. The product you return should be a completely new product without being used, and please keep the product itself, and accessory, gift, and information attached completely. When the returned product is found opened or used, according to the Article 259 of the Civil Code, the company has the right to request the consumer to take the responsibility of recovering the original condition of the product or bear partial compensation.
  4. In case the product itself has any defects, please contact the customer service center, and process the return or exchange within 7 days.


Service hours:Monday~Friday 08:30~17:30