Privacy Policy

Taiwan Tea Corporation (TTC) and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “TTC”) values your privacy. Please read the below content about privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”).


Applicable Scope of Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers the content including how TTC collects, processes and disclose the personal information that you provide (including the information about your past usage of TTC’s products and services). Personal information means information that can be used to identify you, for instance, your name, address, email address or telephone number.

This privacy policy applies to all products or services to be provided by TTC and its affiliates, including all information collected or used by TTC on its website or domain (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). This privacy policy does not apply to products or services provided by other companies or individuals. For your convenience, the Website may provide links to other websites for your reference. When you use the relevant links provided by this Website to enter other companies’ websites, please take notice of such website’s privacy policy. TTC is liable therefor.


The Collection, Process and Use of Personal Information

To ensure the protection of your rights and privacy, please read the following statements closely. If you provide, register or store your personal information through this website, it is deemed that you have sufficiently understood and consented that TTC, its collaborative suppliers or contractors may directly or indirectly collect, process, use and internationally transmit your personal information. According to the Personal Information Protection Act, TTC informs you of the following:

A. The purpose of collection: marketing, consumer and customer management, information communication service, online shopping and other electronic sales service, advertisement and business management and other agreement, quasi-agreement or legal relationship management.


B. Period, territory and method of use:

1. Period: During the period when the specific purpose of collecting personal information exists, or according to relevant laws and regulations, or during the period necessary for TTC to conduct business, or the period agreed in the individual agreement.

2. Audience: TTC and its affiliates, suppliers and contractors, judicial institutes, authority or government agency that has investigation power according to the laws, or other recipient of internationally transmitted personal information that is not restricted by the central competent authority of the relevant business, or other TTC’s counterparty who needs to collect, process, use and internationally transmit personal information.

3. Territory: the domestic and foreign location of the foregoing audience.

4. Method: To collect, process, use and internationally transmit the same by automatic machines or non-automatic methods (for instance, hardcopies, electronic files or other appropriate methods consistent with the science technology then).


You may exercise the following rights based on the rules relating to Personal Information Protection Act:

1. to inquire or to request for a review or to request to make duplications, where TTC may charge reasonable fees;

2. to request to supplement or correct, provided that you shall make proper explanation according to the laws;

3. to request to discontinue collection, processing or use and to request to delete, provided that TTC may not act according to your request due to business operation, agreements or laws or regulations.

You may choose whether or not to provide relevant personal information. If you refuse to provide relevant personal information of yourself, TTC or this website will not be able to provide you products or other relevant services.


Obtaining Your Personal Information

When you register TTC accounts, use TTC products or services, browse this website or web pages of some partners, TTC will collect your personal information through the information you provided to us or obtain your relevant information through your use of services provided by us. TTC may also combine your information provided by our business partner or other companies with the personal information TTC obtained from the aforementioned methods.

When you register in TTC, we will inquire your name, email address, birth date, gender and zip code. When you use certain services, we may also ask about information relating to your address, ID number and your property. After you register for a TTC account and log in to our service, we could identify you. You may freely choose whether or not to provide personal information to us, but if specific columns are required to be filled out, and if you choose not to provide such information, then you will not be able to use relevant TTC product and service.


Cookies Technology

When you browse this website, TTC’s server may automatically collect and record the information on your computer and browser with Cookies technology, including your IP address, information in cookies, software and hardware properties and your browsing history. Such a technology could assist TTC to know about your interest and preference better to make it more convenient and personalized when you use this website. You may set up and choose whether or not your browser allows the use of cookies technology. However, please note that if you choose to refuse to accept cookies, it may cause you restrictions in using some functions of this website.

TTC allows some other companies which post advertisements on this website to set up and access cookies on your computer. Other companies will use their cookies according to their own privacy policies but not this privacy policy. You shall refer to the relevant provisions of other non-TTC publisher.

To provide you complete product, service, and solutions, TTC will sign agreements with service providers, suppliers and contractors. Such service providers, suppliers, and contractors shall keep the information they collect from TTC confidential and may not use them for purposes unrelated to their performance of services for TTC.


Use of Your Personal Information

TTC may transmit your personal information to TTC’s all business or its affiliates around the world and use your personal information for the following use: customized advertisement and the web page content you see, satisfying your requirements of the product and service, improvement of our services, contacting you, conducting research and providing market analysis or business report for internal and external clients for download. Entering this website, registering an account or providing your personal information to TTC by other means indicates that you agree to transmit your personal information to TTC’s relevant business or affiliates around the world through worldwide web.


Share and Disclosure of Your Personal Information

Unless otherwise stipulated by privacy policy, without your permission, TTC will not share the personal information you provided to TTC with any other third party unrelated to TTC, provided that it does not apply to the following situation:

• in response to police agency’s or other government authority’s authorized request for disclosure;

• providing the information to partners who have signed non-disclosure agreement and conducting business on behalf of TTC or other reliable partners who work with us. These companies may use your personal information in assisting TTC to communicate with you concerning our and our marketing partners’ provision of products and services. However, these companies do not have the independent right to share the information.

• in response to subpoena, court order or legal proceedings, obtaining or exercising legal rights or to submit defense against lawsuits claims.

• We consider it necessary to share your personal information for investigation and prevention of illegal activities, involvement of scams, potential threat to personal security, violation of TTC’s service terms or corresponding measures taken against the foregoing situations, or as otherwise provided by laws.

• to the extent permitted by laws, to protect the rights or personal security of TTC’s employees and third parties on or using TTC’s property.


Personal Information Protection

TTC will protect the information you provide to us with best efforts, but please understand that we do not guarantee that unauthorized access will not happen. Password is used to protect your account and personal information. You need to be responsible for protecting the confidentiality of the user account and password. Please refrain from sharing your personal information with anyone. If you share a computer with others, please sign out when you leave this website or service every time to protect your information from being accessed by the next user.

We have taken physical, electronic and programming protection measures compliant with the laws to protect the safety of your personal information.


Privacy Policy Revision

TTC is entitled to amend or update this privacy policy at any time. Please visit this website as frequently as possible. If there is any revision or update of the terms, we will announce the amended or updated privacy policy and the relevant revision or amendment will take effect since the announcement of such amendment. If you continue to use this website, you will be deemed to have accepted the amended privacy policy.