Marketing Channel Business

Channel Business is one of the main business projects of Taiwan Tea Corporation in recent years. In order to develop a multi-angle business system, Taiwan Tea Corporation has established a professional sales team for consumers' products so as to sell the company's self-produced items and the products distributed by the company to the marketing channels. In addition to the local market, Taiwan Tea Corporation's the most valuable tea products will be developed in the direction of internationalization and promoted by the means of full range sales management.
At present, the business scope of the channel business is as follows:
  • (1) Types of Marketing Channels
    • General Retail Channel
      1. Convenience Stores, chain supermarkets, wholesale stores, PX Mart, supermarkets in department stores, chain drug stores, grocery stores, and boutiques.
      2. Distributors, catering channel
    • Key Account Channel
      1. Beverage Manufacturer
      2. Chain Beverage Store
      3. Hotels, Restaurants
      4. Bubble Tea Shops
      5. Breakfast Shops
      6. Airlines
      7. Office Channel
      8. General Consumers
      9. Others
  • (2)
    • Product Distribution
      1. Australian Gossips Red/White Wines
      2. Italian DEVILLA Italy Pasta and Spaghetti/Cookies
    • Taiwan Tea Corporation's Self-Owned Brands
      1. Tea leaf finished products: Canned tea leaves, boxed tea leaves, and Chinese New Year's and Holiday's gift boxes.
      2. Tea leaf raw material
      3. Bottled water: Bamboo charcoal-filtered water
    • Virtual Channel
      1. Internet
      2. Catalogue