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Statement for the Use of Taiwan Tea Corporation (TTC)’s Website

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If you transmit any information to this website or transmit any information to the Company through this website, you must guarantee that such content does not involve any illegal matters, infringement of other’s reputation, privacy, trade secret, trademarks, copyrights, patents other intellectual property rights and other rights. If the Company receives any complaints on the above concerning the content provided by the web page browser, the Company has the absolute power to determine whether or not to delete the relevant content or request for such deletion.

When you transmit any information to this website or transmit any information to the Company through this website, it is deemed that you agree to permanently license the Company to use the same free of charge. The Company is entitled to distribute, publish, transmit, edit, publicly release or use for commercial purposes.

Taiwan Tea Corporation (TTC) does not guarantee the accuracy, practicability, safety or completeness of all information provided in this website. If the user has any damages caused by using the information, the Company is not liable therefor.

Web pages relating to Taiwan Tea Corporation (TTC)’s website could include links to other websites or web pages, but it is only for the convenience of users when browsing. For the websites or web pages that do not belong to Taiwan Tea Corporation (TTC), risks of the legality, accuracy, completeness, privacy policy or safety protection measures are to be borne by the users themselves and are not related to Taiwan Tea Corporation (TTC). Taiwan Tea Corporation (TTC) also reserves the right to terminate any link at any time.

Save and except for the foregoing, the website will preserve the records the server generates when you browse the Internet or consult, including the IP address of the connecting equipment, time, browser, browser and clicking information. The information collected by this website is deemed as the property of Taiwan Tea Corporation (TTC). We will use your information for the purpose of internal statistical analysis and creative design, but may also use it for marketing purposes or commissioning other companies for data analysis. If there is any needs arising from sales or merge, Taiwan Tea Corporation (TTC) is entitled to transfer the data to a third party.

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In the event part or all of the clauses of this statement is invalid for any reasons, such invalid part does not affect the effectiveness of other clauses.

“Taiwan Tea Corporation (TTC)” reserves the right to cancel or modify the statement of this website without any liability.

In the event of any disputes, “Taiwan Tea Corporation (TTC)” reserves the ultimate right to determine.