Founded in 1899,
the Taiwan Tea Corporation’s former name was the Japan Mitsui Norin Co., Ltd.
The century-old tea producer
was established during the Japanese Occupation Period.
For a century,
the Taiwan Tea Corporation’s history is like a treasure chest of time and space,
bearing witness to the rise and fall of the tea industry in the country
The fragrance of tea permeating the air
evokes generations of nostalgia among the people.
Over a century,
The tea produced by the Taiwan Tea Corporation
the nostalgic memories of the Taiwanese that come along
and the tracks over time.

The tea-making history of the century is like a story treasure box that deposits the time.

Taiwan Tea Corporation produces 100% authentic Taiwanese tea in its own tea farms, which are mostly cultivated by organic, natural farming and vegetative cultivation. The tea-making process does not use any artificial additives and adopts batch inspection for safety without loopholes. The entire process has passed qualified SGS inspection and testing. The tea leaf refinery factory has been certified by ISO22000 and HACCP with qualified standards. The tea filter bag, cotton thread and hanging mark are mostly made from corn starch, natural, environment-friendly, and biodegradable materials.

Pingtung Laopi Farm has effectively utilized the flat land at a low altitude and chosen the flat-ground fine tea trees for the plantation. At the same time, make the research and development of new species as well as the engagement of agricultural techniques, including new irrigation system, mechanical tea tree breeding and harvesting system, tea factory automation; and, through the long-term training of technical personnel and the introduction of applied biotechnology, the output value can be increased to achieve the goal of upgrading the tea industry. It's hoped to supply all kinds of safe tea leaves used in the market of Taiwan, thus to elevate assurance of the tea drinking quality for their fellow countryman.


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